Fastbraces in Dallas, TX

Do You Want to Transform Your Smile Fast?

It is Time to Get the Smile You Deserve with Revolutionary Fastbraces®!

What is Fastbraces®?

Fastbraces® is an innovative fixed brace orthodontic system that straightens teeth considerably faster than traditional braces. Conventional braces generally take at least a year to two years to straighten a patient’s smile. Fastbraces®, on the other hand, straightens teeth much faster—sometimes in just 3 months!

How does Fastbraces® work?

Fastbraces® is designed to move the root of the tooth into better alignment from the first day of treatment. Traditional braces are constructed to move the crown of the tooth into place, and to then move the root afterward—this is less efficient and effective.

The key is Fastbraces’® patented triangular bracket. While traditional brackets are square, the innovative Fastbraces® bracket is triangular in shape. This increases the flexibility and the torque of the wire that connects the brackets—this system moves the tooth root from the first day of treatment.