Everyone wants a perfectly beautiful smile that makes heads turn. If you feel that your smile doesn't quite measure up, Lumineers placed at the Dallas, TX Cosmetic Dentist Office may be the solution you’ve been looking for. Lumineers are are an effective option for correcting the appearance of cosmetic dental issues. They are relatively easy to place, and the process can be completed in just two office visits.

What are Lumineers?

Lumineers® are ultra-thin, translucent porcelain shells that are bonded directly to your teeth. Because they are so thin, it is not necessary to remove a lot of healthy enamel to ensure a perfect fit. This significantly reduces the amount of time you need to spend in the dental chair.

What are the benefits of Lumineers?

At our Dallas, TX Cosmetic Dentist Office we take a natural approach to dentistry. New studies indicate that our oral health is closely tied to our overall general health. One of the ways we help our patients achieve optimal oral health is by preserving as much existing healthy tooth structure as possible. Lumineers help us accomplish that goal since it is only necessary to remove a small amount of enamel in order to place them.

What is involved with placing Lumineers?

First, we talk to you about the cosmetic problems you would like to correct. Before we begin treatment, we thoroughly examine your teeth to make sure that no decay or gum disease is present. X-rays and impressions are taken so we can evaluate your teeth for proper dental bite. The impressions are then sent to a dental lab where your Lumineers will be custom-crafted.

During the second appointment the Lumineers® will be bonded to your teeth. Once the Lumineers® are in place, we polish them until they are completely smooth.  This smooth surface helps repel bacteria and staining agents and leaves you with a healthy and beautiful smile that will last for many years with proper care and regular visits to the dentist.

Cosmetic dentists are now able to provide a broad range of services to help you achieve the beautiful smile of your dreams. Within just a few short years, procedures performed by a cosmetic dentist can literally change your appearance and restore your self confidence as you enjoy your new smile. With advances in cosmetic dentistry there is no reason to think that a beautiful, dazzling smile is beyond your reach.

The fact is, with modern treatments offered by the Dallas Cosmetic Dentist, it is possible to maintain your beautiful smile for good oral health and also to improve your overall appearance and boost your confidence. Most cosmetic dentistry is non-invasive and helps your teeth fit together better, creating a whiter, beautiful smile.
Procedures include veneers, Lumineers™, teeth whitening or bleaching, and Bioliners clear braces to help rearrange the fit and beauty of your teeth.

Bioliners clear braces straighten your teeth invisibly, and whitening and bleaching techniques create a natural, but noticeably brighter smile. Teeth whitening and veneers offer a virtually pain free, effective option for maximum results and can effectively reverse the damage done by caffeine and tobacco. If your teeth are chipped, stained, or uneven, you are an excellent candidate for veneers or Lumineers™, which fit over your natural teeth reshaping and brighten the tooth by covering it with an artificial surface.

Beyond the obvious benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry, chipped or misaligned teeth can contribute to problems with your bite, creating additional problems down the road. In short, modern cosmetic dentistry offers you the chance to maximize the health and vitality of your mouth, A few short years ago, a visit to the dentist’s office was an experience to be endured. Today the Dallas, TX Cosmetic Dentist office can help transform your teeth into your greatest asset.

Often patients come to our Dallas, TX Cosmetic Dental Officeo looking for options to correct cosmetic dental problems. These patients may require procedures or treatment to correct a number of cosmetic defects - to repair a malformed bite or crooked teeth, to treat an injury, or just to improve their overall appearance. For these and many other reasons, cosmetic dentistry has become a vital and important part of the dental profession. But whatever their reason for seeking treatment, the ultimate goal for these patients is to obtain a beautiful smile.

In the past decade there has been a dramatic increase in the demand for cosmetic dentistry.  We all understand that having a healthy, bright, beautiful smile enhances our appearance and allows us to increases self-confidence.  Thanks to the advances in modern cosmetic dentistry, cosmetic dentistry is no longer a luxury reserved for movie stars, and our  is able to improve your smile with quick, painless and surprisingly affordable treatments.

Common cosmetic dental procedures can be performed to correct misshapen, discolored, chipped or missing teeth. Procedures used in the practice of cosmetic dentistry can also change the overall shape of teeth, whether they are too long or short, have gaps, or simply need to be reshaped to create a more attractive smile.

Some of the more common procedures involve:

  • Change the size, shape, and alignment of certain teeth
  • Fill in unattractive spaces between teeth
  • Improve or correct bites
  • Lighten or brighten the color of teeth
  • Repair decayed, broken, cracked, or chipped teeth
  • Replace missing teeth
  • Replace old, unattractive dental treatments
Which techniques should be used to improve your smile? Before making any decisions, your dentist will need to do a complete dental exam. It is very important to identify any underlying issues that may affect the results of any cosmetic dental procedure. Your Dallas, TX Cosmetic Dentist will also discuss your about your lifestyle to determine the best treatment for you. Contact our office for more information and to take the first step towards obtaining the smile of your dreams.

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