Most people are aware of Invisalign teeth aligners. However, most people are not familiar with – Bioliners™. This clear appliance can be used for minor tooth movement similar to Invisalign, but is more affordable.

What Is a Bioliner™?

A Bioliner™ is a tooth aligner made of very thin ultra clear plastic with a soft thermal plastic insert. To make a set of Bioliner™ aligners, the Dallas, TX Clear Invisible Braces dentist first takes a series of molds (or impressions) to develop a custom set of models of the teeth. These are then sent to the dental lab where the models are reset and aligned. 

Soft thermal plastic inserts are made to fit over the reset teeth. The dental lab then makes a plastic “suck-down” retainer over the model with the plastic insert in place. When a patient wears the retainer, the thermal plastic insert exerts gentle pressure on the teeth to be moved. The thermal plastic insert is the key to this aligner. The insert is flexible enough to allow the patient to easily remove the appliance, yet rigid enough to move teeth.
What Can the Bioliner™ Be Used For? 
The soft insert allows for slight movement of the teeth, and up to three Bioliners™ can be made from the original models. If more movement is needed, the Dallas, TX Invisalign dentist can make new molds so a new set of aligners can be made. Bioliners™ are used to correct cases with rotated teeth, tipped teeth and minor relapse cases. Just like Invisalign - they are not intended to be used to correct major alignment issues. 

Generally, Bioliners™ are used for:

  • Minor crowding cases where the patient does not want fixed appliances and cannot afford Invisalign aligners.
  • Patients who have not worn retainers as required and experience some relapse after prior treatment. 
  • Patients who have gone through traditional orthodontic treatment, but there are one or more teeth still need some minor correction. 
  • Patients who request early removal of traditional braces but still need minor correction of alignment.
 Advantages of Bioliners™

  • Bioliners™ cost a lot less than Invisalign. 
  • Bioliners™ require a fewer number of aligners to complete the minor straightening. One Bioliner can move teeth further than one Invisalign aligner.
 Like most orthodontic treatment, however, Bioliners™ will not be effective for every alignment issue. Please contact our office for further information so we can help you decide if  Bioliners are right for you.

Many of my patients who have alignment issues have heard of Invisalign but are unfamiliar with Bioliner™ invisible teeth aligners. I’m often asked why I’ve chosen to use the Bioliner™ System, rather than the more well-known Invisalign. These clear aligners can be used to facilitate minor tooth movement similar to Invisalign but are much more affordable. Let's look at some of the advantages of Bioliners™

What Is the Bioliner System™?
Bioliner™ is an amazing new tooth aligner made of ultra clear plastic with a soft thermal plastic insert. It provides a clear, lightweight, removable alternative to traditional braces. The Bioliner™ trays are custom-fit to your mouth and designed to gradually correct the alignment of your teeth.

Who can use the Bioliner™ System?
The Bioliner™ system can solve most minor teeth adjustment issues. Some of the more common concerns that are appropriate for treatment with the Bioliner system are:

  • Spaces or gaps in the teeth
  • Minor overcrowding of teeth
  • Crooked or rotated teeth
  • The need for minor adjustments caused by lapses in wearing retainers
  • Completion of alignment treatment when wearing traditional braces is not an option
Why did you choose the Bioliner System™?
Dallas Cosmetic Dentistry chose the Bioliner System™ for several reasons. They are highly effective, practically invisible, and they are a very comfortable straightening option. They provide straightening results in a manner similar to Invisalign, but Bioliners™ are significantly less expensive than Invisalign and can be more comfortable to wear.

What are the advantages of Bioliners™?
  • Discreet Treatment
  • Easy to Put On
  • Removable for Eating
  • Allow for easier dental hygiene
  • Shorter Treatment Time
  • Easier, less painful adjustments
How much do Bioliners™ cost?
As with any customized treatment, the cost of your Bioliner™ treatment depends largely on the extent of straightening needed. The best way to establish a cost is for you to visit your Dallas, TX Cosmetic Dentist for a free personal consultation.

One of my long-time patients, Kelly, came in for her routine exam. During the exam, Kelly mentioned to me that she was about to re-enter the job market after years of being a “domestic engineer”, as she cheerfully referred to it. Kelly’s teeth were in generally good condition, but she was self-conscious about her smile because of chipped front teeth. When I asked why she had never addressed this with me before, she laughed and said, “Dr. Lin, I’m not a millionaire!” It occurred to me that lots of people share Kelly’s belief that Cosmetic Dentistry is only for movie stars and celebrities. So I told Kelly that, with the advances in modern cosmetic dentistry there was no reason to think that a beautiful, dazzling smile was beyond her reach
The fact is that, with modern treatments offered by the Dallas, TX Smile Studio, it is now possible to not only maintain your smile for good oral health, but also to improve your overall appearance and boost your confidence. Using subtle and largely non-invasive procedures, cosmetic dentistry helps your teeth fit together better, creating a whiter, even, beautiful smile. Procedures include veneers, or, as my office make available, Lumineers™, teeth whitening or bleaching, and Bioliners to help rearrange the fit and harmony of your teeth.

Bioliners straightens your teeth invisibly, and whitening and bleaching techniques create a natural, but noticeably brighter smile. Teeth whitening and veneers offer a virtually pain free, effective option for maximum results and can effectively reverse the damage done by caffeine and tobacco. Chipped, stained, and crooked teeth make excellent candidates for veneers or Lumineers™, which fit over your natural teeth reshaping and brighten the tooth by covering it with an artificial surface.

Beyond the obvious aesthetic benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry, chipped or misaligned teeth can contribute to problems with your bite, creating additional problems down the road. In short, modern cosmetic dentistry offers you the chance to maximize the health and vitality of your mouth, A few short years ago, a visit to the dentist’s office was an experience to be endured. Today Dallas, TX Cosmetic Dentist Office can help Kelly and you transform your teeth into your greatest asset.

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