Dallas Cosmetic Dentist Discusses Custom Teeth Whitening

Written by Dr. Lin on Feb 9, 2013

There’s a huge selection of tooth whitening tray kits available in your supermarket.  But did you know that choosing a customized at-home tooth whitening kit from a qualified cosmetic dentist may save you from other dental issues arising from the use of over-the-counter whitening agents?

Home whitening tray kits cannot provide the exact fit obtained when using a custom made whitening tray provided by your dentist.  A custom tray is designed to minimize the contact of bleaching gel with gum tissue.  Trays that don’t fit properly can also cause irritation when the edge of a bleaching tray rubs against the gums.

When custom bleaching trays are used gum irritation can be kept to a minimum, helping to protect you against more serious gum issues (periodontitis, gingivitis) down the road. For this reason a custom-fit whitening tray is most important in instances where a relatively higher concentration whitener is being used. In order to provide a perfect-fitting customized tray, your Dallas, TX Cosmetic Dentist takes an impression of your teeth. The resulting custom-made tray is trimmed so that it covers the entire surface of each tooth, falling just short of the gumline.  This special contouring not only protects the sensitive gum tissue but also eliminates irritation caused by tray edges rubbing against the gum line.

The fit of a custom-molded tray from your cosmetic dentist has other advantages:
  • Contact with the entire tooth surface: A uniform whitening effect is best achieved when the whitener being used remains in contact with the entire surface of a tooth.
  • Proper tray retention: It’s important that the whitening tray stay in place for maximum whitening action.  A custom-fabricated tray can virtually guarantee this type of fit.
Contact Dallas Cosmetic Dentistry to determine if you’re a better candidate for an in-office whitening procedure such as the Zoom or Boost Whitening Systems or a customized, take-home bleaching kit. Your cosmetic dentist is highly trained and dedicated to your overall oral health as well as helping you achieve a brighter smile.