Dental Implants in Dallas, TX

Don’t Let Missing Teeth Keep You From Living Life To Its Fullest.

You Can Restore Your Smile With Dental Implant Technology!

At Victor’s Smile Dental Studio we are able to replace missing teeth in just one day in the most ideal situations, thanks to what is known as “immediate function” or “immediate load” implant technology.

Our dental team places specialized titanium implant roots into the patient’s jawbone. These implant roots are less traumatic on bone tissue than conventionally sized implant roots, so they do not require an extensive post-treatment healing period.

Next, the implant root is then capped with a single crown, fixed bridge or dentures. This treatment is sometimes called “all on four” treatment, because a full denture can often be supported by as few as 4 implant roots. Once treatment is complete, your replacement teeth will then stay in place permanently.

This type of treatment gives you many of the benefits of conventional implant treatment, while costing significantly less.

Why do so many people restore their smiles in one day with Dallas dentist Tony Lin?

Immediate Results

Immediate function dental implants can give you same-day dental results. You do not have to wait months for your oral tissues to heal (as you would with conventional implants) before you can achieve the restored smile you want. Both the top and bottom teeth can be replaced in the same day; come into our office with damaged or missing teeth, and leave with a restored smile.

Regain a Stunning Smile

We know that the appearance of your smile is incredibly important to you. Rest assured that immediate function dental implants offer attractive and natural looking aesthetic results. Your final prosthetic will be shaped, sized, and shaded to suit your overall appearance, as well remaining natural teeth.

Health Promoting Prosthetics

Dental implant roots are unique among tooth replacement options in that they actually help to support and strengthen the patient’s oral health. Because titanium osseointegrates with natural bone, dental implant roots:

  • Help prevent jawbone deterioration
  • Bolster adjacent teeth
  • Assist in supporting critical facial structures—like your cheeks and your lips