Mini Dental Implants in Dallas, TX

Do you find yourself hiding your smile or avoiding your favorite foods because of missing teeth?

Don't let tooth loss dictate your life anymore!

Replace your missing teeth in no time with mini dental implants!

Dental implant technology enables titanium roots to replace missing teeth. These titanium roots are inserted into the jawbone, where they bond with the bone—providing a foundation for dental restorations like crowns. Mini dental implants (MDIs) utilize this same technology on a smaller scale. Mini dental implants are smaller than traditional implants—they are generally comparable to a toothpick in width. MDIs can be used to replace smaller teeth and incisors. They can also anchor dentures for increased stability and comfort.

Real Patients. Real Results.

Regain Your Smile in One Appointment

Because mini dental implants are thinner and less traumatic to the bone when they are implanted, you can enjoy your new smile without waiting for months for the surgical site to heal. Most patients have their implants and restorations placed in the same day. They leave our Dallas office able to eat, speak, and smile normally.

Preserve Healthy Teeth and Bone

When you lose a tooth, it can negatively affect your overall oral health, and cause your jawbone to deteriorate. Mini dental implants are implanted directly into the jawbone, preventing bone loss. They also keep your surrounding teeth healthy—because they mimic the structure of natural teeth, they don’t put detrimental strain on adjacent teeth.

Your Smile, Your Decisions

Mini dental implants make it possible to treat previously untreatable cases of tooth loss. They can replace small teeth and incisors that cannot be treated with conventional implants. Patients with compromised bone density generally cannot sustain traditional implants, but mini dental implants may be a viable alternative. Additionally, MDIs are less expensive than conventional dental implants—and therefore an accessible option for a wide variety of patients.

What Our Patients Are Saying

My six-year-old daughter was in urgent need of fixing the decay teeth. Dr. Tony was so nice and gentle with my daughter. My daughter was so scared and cried a lot with the dental treatment but she immediately calmed down by the gentle words of Dr. Tony. He is great for comforting kids. Dr. Tony is precise and swift expertise have made the treatment that my daughter has had painless. I highly recommend Dr. Tony to anyone searching for exceptional dental care for your child as well as any family members.

— Anonymous

I really appreciate for Dr. Lin and Mrs. Lin. They are great person who are seeking professionality and generosity for patients. We can feel they really like persons with love of God. We were so much comforted and encouraged by their professional service. Also my wife and I have had good and healthy teeth again. You will not disappointed in this dental studio.

— Anonymous

I highly recommend Dr. Linn for all of your dental needs. Dr.Linn is a remarkable dentist. He is professional, competent and able to create a patient-friendly environment with his kindness and benevolent disposition. My visits to Dr. Linn’s office have included cosmetic dental procedures and a crown. He is able to create both form and function that result in a normal appearance and functions normally. Colonel R.A.Hazlett

— Anonymous

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