Dallas Cosmetic Dentist Discusses Teeth Whitening and Stain Removal

Written by Dr. Lin on Feb 20, 2014

Teeth whitening performed by a qualified cosmetic dentist like the Dallas, TX Cosmetic Dentist can produce beautiful results. The process can remove discoloration and transform a dull smile into a bright, beautiful smile in very little time. But all staining on teeth is not created equal. Even though teeth whitening can produce amazing results, it may not remove certain types of stains.

Extrinsic, or surface, staining relates to things that we can easily control. Things like diet, oral hygiene, and lifestyle habits that primarily impact the exterior of the tooth. These are the easiest stains to remove. The reason is that extrinsic stains are still sitting on the surface of the tooth and have not penetrated into the enamel and dentin. Extrinsic stains occur as a result of consuming stain-producing foods and beverages like red wine, coffee, blueberries, dark teas and cola drinks. Nicotine use is yet another stain-producing agent that will severely discolor teeth.

Intrinsic staining of teeth occurs from the inside out and indicates that the interior of the tooth has been damaged. These types of tooth stains may be a result of trauma to the tooth, excessive exposure to fluoride or the use of tetracycline. Dental decay and disease may initially impact the exterior of the tooth, but can eventually erode the interior of the tooth. Intrinsic stains are more difficult to remove completely, but it may be possible to lighten them with professional teeth whitening.

It is possible that an alternative cosmetic treatment may be the best course of treatment if your teeth are severely discolored. The only way to know for sure is by contacting our Dallas Teeth Whitening Dental Office to arrange a free consultation. We will evaluate your situation and decide the best option for you to achieve a truly beautiful smile.