Dallas Dentist Talks About Protecting Your Smile With Mouthguards

Written by Dr. Lin on Mar 8, 2022

Protective dental gear and mouthguards are crucial components of your uniform whenever you’re participating in extreme activities or contact sports. Our Dallas dentists recommend high quality, customized mouthguards for both pediatric and adult patients. Keep reading to learn more about the key components of protective gear…


A personalized mouthguard fits snugly and protects vulnerable teeth from outside impact, as well as tooth-on-tooth contact.  A well-fitting mouthpiece absorbs impact from contact and extreme sports without affecting natural dental enamel.

Structural Support

Another benefit of customized protective oral appliances is that they do not put unnecessary strain on the patient’s temporomandibular joints or bite. Many generic guards disrupt the way the patient’s top and bottom teeth come together, and thus create bite problems. 


An oral appliance that is designed to fit over your teeth, specifically, is appreciably more comfortable than one-size-fit-all options. Patients are much more likely to wear their mouthguards regularly (and as recommended) when they fit well.


The thermoplastic material we use to make these oral appliances can stand up the wear and tear of regular use, as well as frequent cleanings. These high-quality guards last for a long time without sacrificing efficacy.

Wearing a mouthguard is a simple, yet effective, way to protect your mouth from unnecessary aesthetic and functional damage. If you’ve been playing without one, now is the perfect time to rectify that. Our Dallas dentists are here to answer any questions you may have, and to help you schedule a personal consultation with our team!