Dallas Dentures Dentist Creates Comfortable Polymer Dentures for Client Comfort

Written by Dr. Lin on Jan 12, 2016

If you’re considering dentures, there is no reason to worry about the prospect of having to put up with something that is heavy and looks unnatural. The Dallas Dentures Dentist creates dentures that are made of smooth, pliable polymer. This material is much lighter than traditional dentures and provides patients with greater comfort. Their appearance mimics that of natural teeth and can often improve the look of the patient’s smile.

Renewing Older Dentures

People who have had dentures are often frustrated to find that their dentures start to wear down over time. It is important for these patients to be fitted for new dentures because missing teeth or ill-fitting dentures cause the face to wrinkle and sag. It is true that dentures can eventually become worn over time and lose their proper fit.

This fact is especially important for older denture-wearers to be aware of since our gums and jaw line can gradually change over time. In many cases the discomfort a patient feels with their current dentures is often aggravated by this fact. The change in fit can cause patient discomfort,  allowing painful blisters or sores to form inside the cheek and on the gums.

Denture-wearers are usually pleasantly surprised to learn that making the change to new polymer dentures can also enhance their appearance. Modern technology allows the Dallas Dentures Dentist to design a set of dentures that are far more comfortable than the traditional dentures the patient has become accustomed to.

Comfortable Polymer Dentures

Today, dentures made of polymer are easily crafted to give the patient a fit that is comfortable and custom-made to address the specific needs of the patient. Since they are not made using rigid, metal-based materials found in traditional dentures, adjustment of polymer dentures is more easily accomplished.

In general, polymer dentures are very durable and can last many years. As with any dental appliance, the dentures may have to be readjusted at some point in the future due to normal wear. Contact our office to set up an appointment for a free consultation with our dentist so we can discuss the alternatives that are best for your situation.