Dallas Dentures Dentist Responds to Dentures Questions

Written by Dr. Lin on Jul 2, 2013

Dentures or false teeth have changed a lot in the last several years. Patients visiting our Dallas Dentures Dental Office often come to me with questions about types of dentures currently used.

How long will my new dentures last?

Since your dentures are custom-made for your mouth they will fit perfectly. Immediately after your dentures are placed, they will have a snug fit. As time passes, however, your gums and jaw line can gradually change. This often causes someone with dentures discomfort, sometimes even causing blisters or sores to form in your mouth.

Following a schedule of routine checkups at your dentist’s office is your best approach to stop this shifting from causing you severe discomfort. Your dentures will be checked at each visit making it easy to identify slight changes to your mouth as they occur. Most dentures will need to be adjusted or partially remade every several years due to natural changes that occur in your mouth as you age.

What does ‘Immediate’ Dentures mean?
Immediate dentures are placed right after your teeth are extracted. They are custom made for your mouth but the contour of your gums will change as you heal. Immediate dentures need to be adjusted by your dentist after healing is complete so that they will comfortably fit the changing contours of your mouth.
Will I need to use adhesive with my dentures?

You may not need to use adhesive if your dentures provide a really secure fit. But most denture-wearers enjoy the added security of using an adhesive to ensure that dentures stay in place. The Dallas Dentures Dental Office can recommend an effective adhesive if needed.

How long until I get used to wearing dentures?

Obviously dentures don’t feel like your natural teeth. Even the most comfortable and well-fitting dentures will require a period of adjustment so you can get used to the new sensations. We advise new denture-wearers to temporarily eat soft or liquid foods so they can get used to chewing. Learning to speak with your new dentures is an issue for some people, but within a few weeks the dentures will feel like a natural part of your mouth.