Dallas Teeth Whitening Dentist Reviews Teeth Whitening Safety

Written by Dr. Lin on Feb 5, 2014

Professional Tooth whitening can significantly brighten the appearance of teeth in about an hour. It is also the most popular treatment requested of cosmetic dentists today. There is no longer any need to live with a dingy or dull smile with the increased availability of professional tooth whitening treatments. Your Dallas, TX Teeth Whitening Dentist can quickly and easily help to restore confidence in your smile with little risk and virtually no side effects.

The Tooth Whitening Process

Professional teeth whitening treatment is usually performed by a cosmetic dentist. Your dentist will start the process by applying a whitening agent to your teeth. This whitening gel is left on your teeth for about twenty minutes. It is then removed and reapplied, meaning that the entire treatment takes about an hour. The net result of this relatively short treatment time is a smile that is about five to ten shades whiter.

In addition, your teeth whitening dentist may provide you with a kit for at-home tooth whitening if more aggressive whitening is needed for resistant staining. This kit includes special, custom-made trays to wear twice a day for about 15 minutes each time. This provides prolonged exposure to the whitening agent for removal of stubborn or severe staining.

Is Tooth Whitening Safe for My Teeth and Gums?

Tooth Whitening performed at our Dallas Teeth Whitening Dental Office is very safe. Before the treatment is started, your cosmetic dentist will carefully apply a protective gel to your lips and gums. This protective gel shields sensitive gum tissue from coming into direct contact with the whitening gel. In the unlikely event that the whitening product does make some contact with your lips or gums, you may experience mild irritation, but this sensation will quickly disappear.