Dallas, TX Cosmetic Dentist Answers Questions about Bioliner™ Tooth Aligners

Written by Dr. Lin on Mar 20, 2014

How long do I have to wear Bioliners™ to get straight teeth?

Treatment time depends on the amount of straightening needed and the results desired with each Bioliner™ alignment treatment. Generally speaking you’ll use each Bioliner™ aligner for two to three weeks, which is followed by one to two weeks of using The Bioliner Plus™.

Why do you offer Bioliners™ instead of Invisalign®?

The Dallas, TX Cosmetic Dentist and his team have chosen to offer the Bioliners™ alignment option for several reasons

  • Bioliners™ are a very effective tooth alignment option
  • Bioliners™ are virtually invisible
  • Bioliners™ are a very comfortable alignment option
  • Bioliners™ are significantly less expensive than Invisalign

What can I expect my teeth to look like after Bioliners™ treatment?

The needs of every patient are unique, but normally patients see positive results every time they change to the next set of aligners. Various factors that affect the final results of your Bioliner™ treatment include:

  • The shape of your teeth
  • The position of the root in the area of treatment
  • The health of your gums

How much do Bioliners™ cost?

The cost of Bioliners™ treatment depends greatly on how much straightening is needed to obtain a beautifully aligned result. We will be more than happy to consult with you to provide an accurate estimate of treatment cost. Please contact ourDallas, TX Cosmetic Dental Office, to arrange a free consultation. Dr. Lin and our team will be happy to evaluate your specific situation.

Will I have to wait long to begin treatment with Bioliners™?

Once a treatment plan is developed, impressions of your teeth will be taken. These impressions (molds) will be sent to the dental lab for customized design. Your custom-made set of Bioliners™ will be fabricated in about five days, and we can arrange an appointment to begin treatment once your Bioliners™ are received by our office.