Dallas, TX Cosmetic Dentist Explains Benefits of Mini Dental Implants

Written by Dr. Lin on Mar 10, 2013

If you’ve lost a tooth, you know that it can have a devastating impact on your health and your self-esteem. Many patients become overly self-conscious and find it difficult to smile, eat, and even speak properly.

It’s important for you to assess your options and work with your dentist to find a dental solution that works for you. Fortunately, the Dallas, TX Cosmetic Dentistoffers a variety of tooth replacement options like mini dental implants

What are mini dental implants?

Dental implants are small titanium posts that are surgically inserted into the jawbone, filling the space previously held by a natural tooth. Mini dental implants are simply a smaller version of traditional dental implants. 

Over time, the titanium of the implant fuses to the jaw bone, forming a strong and stable base. Once the titanium root is fully integrated into the bone, it is then capped by the dentist with a natural looking dental restoration that looks and functions like a natural tooth. This allows the patient to eat, drink, and speak normally and with confidence knowing that their implant is completely stable and natural-looking.

How do mini dental implants differ from traditional dental implants?

The primary difference between conventional implants and mini dental implants is size. Mini dental implants are thinner than traditional implants and so they cause less trauma to the tooth when they are implanted. Therefore Mini dental implants can provide a number of advantages over regular implants:

  1. Lower cost – Mini dental implants cost less than conventional implants.
  2. Shorter treatment time – Compared to conventional implants, we are usually able to place mini dental implants in just one or two appointments
  3. Shorter recovery time – Mini dental implants require a shorter recovery time compared to conventional implants, since they cause less trauma to the jawbone when placed.
  4. More flexibility in placement – Because of their size, mini dental implants can be used to fill spaces where a conventional implant would not fit. They can also be used to anchor other dental restorations such as bridges or dentures.

If you’ve been putting off tooth replacement, mini dental implants may be the solution for you. The Dallas, TX Cosmetic Dentist can provide you with more information on this revolutionary treatment. Give us a call or submit an inquiry online for more details or to schedule an appointment!