​Dallas, TX Dentist Shares 5 Reasons You Need Healthy Teeth

Written by Dr. Lin on Apr 7, 2015

 Your good dental health is important and something that should not be taken for granted. Your teeth serve many purposes that most of us never think about. Today the Dallas, TX Dentist shares the top 5 reasons why healthy teeth are important:

Chewing the Foods You Love – Healthy teeth are necessary for chewing, especially hard or crunchy foods. Our teeth give us the ability to tear and break down all kinds of food, from celery sticks and crusty bread to turkey and all the trimmings.

Convey Friendliness and Warmth – Our smiles convey to others how we feel towards them. A warm smile and hug to a close friend is sure to brighten the day for both of you. Smiles tend to be contagious they just make you and others feel happy! If you don’t work with your dentist to develop a preventive treatment plan, your teeth can deteriorate, and smiling becomes awkward and embarrassing.

Communicate Clearly – Proper speech is directly related to tongue and tooth position. Without our teeth we would have a hard time communicating correctly. Speaking with damaged or missing teeth is extremely challenging.

Improve Your Appearance – Your teeth give your face a fullness and symmetry that you lose when teeth are missing. When a person is missing teeth, facial support is gone, causing a sunken in appearance. Your teeth are important as support for your lips and cheeks and give your face a full, rounded, youthful, look.

Maintain Healthy Bones – The bones of the face are strong because they work to support our teeth. Once the teeth are gone, the bone is resorbed and re-utilized by other parts of the body. The jaw will atrophy and shrink. As the bone atrophies, there is a greater risk of jaw fracture.

Give the Dallas, TX Dentist a call today and take the first step to improving the health of your teeth. Whatever the current state of your oral health, we’re here to help!