Dallas, TX Dentures Dentist Discusses Dentures Options

Written by Dr. Lin on Mar 24, 2015

When dealing with tooth loss, you have many options. They’re all excellent treatment options, but some may just be out of your budget. The Dallas, TX Dentures Dentist prides himself on offering patient-centered treatment plans.

Here are a few examples of the ways our treatment solutions benefit you, both practically and financially. 

Full Dentures

One common complaint among denture wears, is having a loose lower denture. We can fix this by using implants to support the denture, holding it firmly in place to ensure a good fit. Our mini implants are appropriate if you’re on a tight budget, but they’re not for everyone, and our dentist will consult with you to find the best choice for you.

Partial Dentures

If you suffer from the loss of multiple teeth, here are some options you should consider:

Replacement teeth are attached to an acrylic (plastic) base, with either acrylic or metal clasps. We typically use them when extractions are required and we are replacing several teeth “Immediately”.

Updated denture material offers additional aesthetic advantages. The base is made of a gum-colored acrylic that looks very natural. Partials will require some additional maintenance over their lifetime, but with proper care should last for many years.

A Cost-Effective Option for Tooth Replacement

No matter the condition or degree of your tooth loss, our experienced team can fully restore your smile. The Dallas, TX Dentures Dentist has years of experience in placing beautiful, durable dentures, and will consult with you on every step of the process. We want you to be involved because we want the results to meet and exceed your expectations. 

If you’re interest in learning more about the benefits of modern dentures, please contact us and we’ll be happy to arrange a consultation to find out how we can accommodate all of your needs.