Dallas, TX Invisalign Dentist Addresses Advantages of Bioliner™ Clear Teeth Aligners

Written by Dr. Lin on Apr 1, 2014

Many patient who require minor adjustment  for alignment issues have heard of Invisalign but are not familiar with Bioliner™ invisible teeth aligners. I’m often asked why I’ve chosen to use the Bioliner system , rather than the more well-known Invisalign. This clear appliance can be used for minor tooth movement similar to Invisalign but is much more affordable. Let’s look at some of the advantages of Bioliners™

What Is a Bioliner™?

A Bioliner™ is an amazing new tooth aligner made of ultra clear plastic with a soft thermal plastic insert. It gives you a clear, lightweight and removable alternative to traditional braces. The Bioliner™ system is custom-fit to your mouth and designed to gradually correct the alignment of your teeth. An impression is taken of your teeth at the Dallas, TX Cosmetic Dentist Office and a clear thermoplastic aligner is rendered to ensure a perfect fit in your mouth.  The insert is flexible enough to allow the patient to easily take the appliance on and off, yet rigid enough to move teeth. The aligner is replaced on a monthly basis as your teeth gradually shift into their proper position. 

What Can the Bioliner™ System Be Used For? 

The Bioliner™ system can solve most minor adjustment issues that a person may experience with their teeth. Some of the more common concerns that are appropriate for treatment with the Bioliner system are: 

  • Spaces or gaps in the teeth
  • Minor overcrowding of teeth
  • Crooked or rotated teeth
  • Minor adjustments caused by lapses in wearing retainers after completion of traditional straightening methods
  • Completion of alignment treatment when a person needs to have traditional braces removed due to pain or discomfort
Why did you choose the Bioliner System?
Dallas, TX Cosmetic Dental Office – Smile Studio chose the Bioliner™ system for several reasons. They are highly effective, practically invisible, and they are a very comfortable straightening option. They provide straightening results in a manner similar to Invisalign, but Bioliners™ are significantly less expensive than Invisalign and can be more comfortable to wear.

What are the advantages of Bioliner over traditional braces?

  • Discreet Treatment: Traditional metal braces are obvious and impossible to hide; Bioliners™ are nearly invisible
  • Easy to Put On: Metal braces have to be affixed and bonded to each tooth, and the process can take hours. Once the customized insert is prepared, Bioliner™ takes moments to place.
  • Comfortable to Wear: The metal and wires of traditional braces are uncomfortable; Bioliners™ are custom-fit and easy to wear
  • Removable for Eating: Traditional metal braces are not removable until completion of treatment. Bioliners™ can easily be removed and replaced.
  • Allows for easier dental hygiene: Maintaining proper dental hygiene with metal braces is a challenge; Bioliners™ are easily removed so you can maintain your normal routine of daily dental hygiene.
  • Shorter Treatment Time: In many cases, Bioliners™ require a treatment time of months compared to traditional braces, which can take years.
  • Easier, less painful adjustments: Bioliners™ are easily removed; metal braces must be removed with special tools and the residual glue must be filed off.
How much do Bioliners™ cost?
As with any customized treatment, the cost of your Bioliner™ treatment depends largely on how much straightening is needed. The easiest way to establish a cost is for you to visit your Dallas, TX Cosmetic Dentist for a free personal consultation. Also be aware that if you have dental insurance that covers orthodontics, it will most likely cover Bioliner™ treatment. In addition, payment plans like Care Credit can reduce payments to a manageable monthly amount.