Dallas, TX Teeth Whitening Dentist Discusses Custom Whitening Treatment

Written by Dr. Lin on Jun 5, 2013

If you find you’re anxious about a missing tooth simply because you’re uncertain what you can do next, the Dallas, TX Cosmetic Dentist does offer a solution. There are various options like dental bridges, but they also may inhibit the type of foods you eat, since they may make chewing unpleasant and uncomfortable.

Dentures might move about during chewing, making it difficult or impossible to eat the foods you really appreciate. Certain tooth replacement alternatives can also allow food particles to lodge at the gum line, leading to tooth decay and possible infection.

Dental technology is continually undergoing changes made possible by the introduction of new materials and techniques. The Dallas, TX Cosmetic Dentist is committed to staying current with methods and materials, by taking advantage of new technology. These new treatments not only open completely new areas of treatment in general and restorative dentistry, but substantially improve the patient’s comfort and recovery time. A good example is the dramatic increase in the use of dental implants, made possible in recent years with the use of titanium.

Dental implants can be employed to replace missing teeth. A titanium ‘root’ is implanted in the jaw bone and permitted to integrate into the surrounding tissue and bone (termed as osseointegration). Once the ‘root’ has integrated together with the structure of the jaw, a dental prosthetic is attached, making a ‘new’ tooth.

Titanium is also extremely strong and long-lasting, making it a natural choice for dental implants placed by your dentist. Titanium dental implants are safely utilized as titanium is judged to be fully inert and immune to deterioration by virtually all body fluids and tissue, rendering it totally bio-compatible.

If you’re self-conscious about missing teeth, contact our office for a consultation to discuss your options. It is possible to bring back your beautiful smile safely and effectively using long-lasting dental implants.