Dallas, TX Teeth Whitening Dentist Discusses Zoom, Boost Whitening

Written by Dr. Lin on Jan 1, 2013

Patients looking for teeth whitening options may be surprised to learn that they have a number of choices. Chad was a regular patient at our Dallas, TX Cosmetic Dentist Office. Even though he was diligent about his at-home dental care, brushing and flossing regularly, he was not happy with the brightness of his smile. Chad recently quit smoking, and he was disappointed that all his efforts to maintain a great-looking, healthy smile were seemingly ineffective in removing the staining caused by years of smoking.

During one of Chad’s routine dental appointments he asked me about the options available for helping to brighten his smile. He was an excellent candidate for teeth whitening since he had taken such good care of his teeth with at-home oral hygiene. This approach meant that, although the enamel of his teeth had discolored, his teeth and gums were generally healthy. We discussed several options available including the Zoom or Boost Teeth Whitening Systems as well as take-home teeth whitening trays. He was pleased to find out that dramatic results could be achieved with professional teeth whitening products, and that the treatment would take no more than an hour, resulting in a significantly brighter smile.

Whitening of the teeth involves the use of a bleaching agent to oxidize stains in the tooth enamel and dentin. While in-home treatments are available for your convenience, in order to achieve the fastest and most lasting results, a dentist must perform this treatment in-office because the high concentration of hydrogen peroxide can irritate or damage gums if used incorrectly. 

Chad was thrilled with the immediate results. I told him that it would take up to two weeks to see the full impact of the whitening. He left the Dallas Teeth Whitening Dental Office with a big smile, happily flashing his newly whitened teeth with a renewed self confidence.