Dentist in Dallas Gives Tips On Supporting Your Smile This Halloween

Written by Dr. Lin on Oct 25, 2016

Our Dallas dentists know that Halloween means that many people are going to have a lot more candy around the house! We have some simple tips to help you minimize the amount of candy-related damage your smile experiences. We hope that this short article encourages you to indulge responsibly this Halloween!

When you snack on sugary candies, the harmful oral bacteria in your mouth “wake up.” Bacteria feed on sugars and refined carbohydrates, so as the candy enters your mouth, bacteria use it as energy so that they can grow and multiply.

The number one way to minimize this activity is to limit the amount of candy that you eat! Help your smile and your overall health by avoiding candy consumption.

When you do enjoy a piece of candy, remember that water is your friend! You want to make sure that you are drinking plenty of water throughout the day to stay hydrated; a hydrated body is able to produce saliva, a substance which naturally re-mineralizes teeth. Additionally, you can rinse your mouth with water after eating in order to dislodge dental debris from between your teeth.

One fact that may surprise you is that it actually matters when you choose to consume sweets. If you eat candy after finishing a full meal, for example, your mouth will already be coated in saliva. Consequently, you’re introducing sugar into your mouth at a time when your body is uniquely able to neutralize it. No matter what, it is always a good idea to limit your candy consumption to specific, discrete periods of time. It is better to eat candy in one sitting rather than snack on it continually throughout the day.

Call our Dallas dental team to get more tips, and to schedule your semi-annual professional dental cleaning to refresh your smile!