Our Dallas Dentist Explains 3 Things That Can Damage Enamel

Written by Dr. Lin on Apr 5, 2022

Strong and healthy dental enamel protects more vulnerable tooth layers from irritants and damage. That is why it’s so important to maintain, as much as possible, robust dental enamel for as long as possible. Keep reading to get more information from our Dallas dentist about how dental enamel becomes damaged…


Oral bacteria are at the root of the most commonly experienced oral health problems, including cavities and periodontal disease. Bacteria also cause halitosis (chronic bad breath), as they release unpleasant odors when they grow and multiply. You daily oral hygiene routine is designed to keep bacteria levels in your mouth as low as possible. Additionally, semi-annual professional cleanings allow our team to clear away accumulated plaque and tartar and refresh your smile.


Whenever dental enamel comes into contact with something acidic it becomes temporarily softer and weaker than it normally is. This obviously occurs in response to acidic foods and drinks, and it also applies to bacterial accumulation, as oral bacteria create acids as natural byproducts. Rinse your smile regularly to discourage acid-related damage, and refrain from brushing your teeth for about twenty to thirty minutes post-acid exposure (this is approximately how long it takes your enamel to remineralize).


There is no way that we can completely protect ourselves from experiencing dental accidents and trauma. However, we can, and should, take some proactive steps to safeguard our smiles in high-risk situations. If, for example, you participate in contact or extreme sports, we strongly encourage you to wear a custom-fit mouthguard over your natural teeth. You can also minimize harmful oral habits, like chewing ice and bruxism, to lower your risk of developing cracked or chipped enamel. 

Take steps today to safeguard your dental enamel well into the future. Our Dallas dentists can give you additional information about preventive dental care and at-home oral hygiene. Give us a call to get started!