Your Smile Makeover Questions Answered by the Dallas, TX Cosmetic Dentist

Written by Dr. Lin on May 29, 2018

Are you in the market for a smile makeover but aren’t sure which treatment is best for you? Today there are so many options for improving the appearance of your smile that it can be a challenge to know which you should choose.

Fortunately, the Dallas, TX cosmetic dentist has all the answers you need! Here are some of the questions we hear from our patients most often, but please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have others!

What’s the most affordable option for changing my smile?

Not everyone who’s looking for a smile makeover wants or needs extensive cosmetic dentistry. Professional teeth whitening is by far the most popular treatment because it’s fast and affordable, and, with occasional touchups at home, the results last.

I have a chipped front tooth. Will I need a dental crown?

If you have chipped, fractured, or broken teeth, you may not need to invest in a dental crown. Cosmetic dentist Dr. Tony Lin uses a tooth-colored filling material for a process called bonding that allows him to build up portions of broken or chipped teeth to restore function and appearance.

Do I need to invest in extensive orthodontic treatment?

Not everyone who has crooked or crowded teeth needs bracket and wire braces. In many cases, your Dallas, TX cosmetic dentist can recommend Invisalign adult orthodontics designed to fit your busy lifestyle. The clear, comfortable aligners are discreet and can be removed for eating and oral hygiene. In many cases, we can use Invisalign to gently move your teeth in as little as a year.

Please Call Us for a Consultation

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